Friday, December 12, 2008

Apabila Teniat MRSM KB Dijilat Api

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiuan. This picture is quite shocking to me.

I got this picture from a young man's blog. He is ex-MRSMPC (We called it MRSMKB and always will) from Kedah. But I won't write down his blog address here because I don't want people go to his blog thru' mine and learn how much he hates MRSM (for some reason of course).
Anyway, thanks little brother for the photo.

The pavilion or 'teniat' or 'astaka' was not there yet when Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohammad sent his teenage boy Mukhriz to study in MRSMKB. It was built somewhere either in 1987 or 1988.....I am not quite sure about this. Although I don't like the design which looked very cheap, I appreciated the teniat's existence very much.

Back in 1985, 1986, I was always wondering why MRSMKB didn't have it's own teniat. I frequently looked at other school's teniats like SM Sains Kelantan and SM Sains Labuk and hoped MRSMKB would have one. I even discussed with some friends about this (Do they still remember?).

Then, the time came. MRSMKB got the Minangkabau style teniat.

And yesterday, after about 20 years, I learned that the teniat was not there anymore. Thanks again to the young ex-MRSMPC buddy who posted the blazing picture on his blog.

Well, it was just an ugly, cheap designed teniat. But in this case I am considering the stories, memories, history, pain, laughter, happiness, sadness, hopes, love, tragedy ...... that it carries.

My friend, Wan Mohd Zamzuri or Mat Ju Gunung once got electrocuted nearby the teniat. Alhamdulillah, Allah saved and spared his life. Now he is a successful healthy young man graduated from USA and still able to support Umno (Why don't you swing man, or have you?).

And according to Zurihan, or better known as Zu Kuba, who is residing in Leeds, UK now, he and we have lost one of our lepak's place.

I can also remember our late friend, Nik Alfian or Piye (Al-Fatihah) championed the 10 km running event in front of the teniat during the sports day while his father was on the teniat as the VIP invited for the event. His father must be proud looking at him steadily leaving the first runner up behind him for quite a distant.

I and a couple of friends used to study on the teniat while enjoying fresh breeze from the South China Sea only a few kilometers away. Occasionally disturbed by MAS airplanes during their taking offs and landings.

There are lots more to be remembered around the teniat alone. The water cooler, the dewan besar, the corridor, the padang with a shallow 20 feet diameter hole, so on so on.....

When I look at the above photo, by the teniat, I could visualize back in mid eighties a very young boy from kampung walking alone to the library with 3 books in his hands and a thousand hopes in his heart. Hopes mainly from his parents and siblings.

Anyway, every beings and things will perish. Only Allah, the creator of the world is forever. Allahu akbar.



  1. the teniat is purposedly been burned? or it is a sabotaj act?
    people rarely consider memory (old building) as an asset for the development of the country, yet they considering to teach history during primary school.

  2. i think litar pintas.

    I use to learn sejarah , geograraphy in primary school. Before they change to alam dan manusia in KBSR.

    that is why i am quite 'fening' with paklah statement about introducing sejarah in primary school. as if he is from KBSR system.

  3. i'm from KBSR
    they don't really teach history
    alam dan manusia is kinda very simple subject
    not much tell us about Malaysia in term of history

  4. Li..
    Kat bawah astaka situlah aku dok cari ilham wat sajak hok cikgu mek siti suruh buat! Aku pun lupa..sebenarnya bilo terbakar?

  5. bex,
    masa buat sajak tu, teniat belum ada bah.

    terbakar maybe somewhere 2006-2007. aku pun tak tahu. ntah-ntah gambar tu fabricated? budak belake tu nampok jale selambo je.

  6. Rasanya sajak tu masa form2 1986...ya la tadok lagi. Kuat betoi ingatan demo. Aku ingat demo wat sajak lebih kurang macam ni...'dari jauh ku nampak kekuning-kuningan...cehhh!

  7. salam tuan empunye blog.nik alfian yang saudara sebutkn tu kapten nik alfian ke?y terlibat kemalangn nahas pesawat?

  8. salam anonim,

    betul, nahas mofaz air di langkawi semasa le tour de langkawi.
    kami semua mrsmkb batch 13 missed him a lot.

    kawan dia ke ni?

  9. kat astaka ni lah aku brlatih dikir,brlatih silat,rest2 pas main bola...
    sape wat gini??
    banyak kenangan aku kt astaka ni..
    sdeyh gler weh...
    btw..aku batch 04/05...

  10. museee, mana ada makhluk yang kekal

  11. mangkuk mana bakar nih...sini la rokol pagi2...hahaha

    aku jd tukang bc asmaul-husna

  12. Alfian is my dorm mate when I was form 5. He was form 4 at that time. Al-fatihah

  13. anon, demo ketua blok C ke? ke blok A?
    abe he, jange murih, nanti tak hensem.

    thanks for visiting


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