Monday, January 19, 2009

Lamenting Edy


Early Saturday I received an sms from my Keningau friend.

"Sejak palistine d ceroboh lg, sy terima byk msg yg menyeru kita memboikot brgn dr israel & membaca surah2 tertentu. Msg tu pula di suruh forward pd 10 org lg. Napa x suruh goverment ja yg iklankan d tv1?Napa brgn israel msh d iklan d tv? "

I didn't answer the message because I could see the answer in the message itself.

Reform is imminent in Sabah and I think Keningau will be the turning point for that. No..... Not because of Dr. Jefrey Kitingan. It's because of decent everyday people like Edy, my dude.


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