Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Am Proud Of Our Angkasawan

I think lots of us currently are being unfair to Dr Muszaphar (Datuk Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor), our first cosmonault as the Russians call it or astronault as Obama says it.

We sent an orthopaedic surgeon into space. When he came back to earth, what did we expect of this ex-MRSM Muar dude to be doing really?

Set up a space lab? Dedicate his life into developing super duper remote sensing system? Or built his own rocket?

He is a surgeon.... Please all of us always remember that. What he is doing today i.e. giving lectures on motivation is the best that he could do really. I think so. About the fees? He said he never demanded a single sen. Anyway if he could talk about something that Dr Fadhilah Kamsah, Dr Tuah, Dr Mashitah or Ustazah Siti Bahayah do not have least experience about it, why a fuss over the bill?

Wait until the soldier dentist Dr Faiz Khaled complete his mission soon(?). I bet he as well will not be setting up a space lab of ultra mega super duper ultraman tiga remote sensing telemetric nano frequency solared telescopic triple cam travelling gadget miniscule auto rocket system like many tight-budgeted people of Malaysia would expect upon his return to the earth. So we will have 2 motivational speakers graduated from outer space. So that we can then hope the fees will be half of what people are currently paying (to whom actually?).

I think it is a good thing for us to regularly send our men to outer space. Academician cum politician maybe next in queue to Pluto. How about selecting the best among the vice chancellors for a start?. But make sure one-way please....


  1. if it is one way, how on the earth they would share their experinces? but a good suggestion though, how on the pluto they would charge us? with what money? plutonion or photonion.

  2. asal:

    heheh, just implementing 5S in our iptas.

    plutonian might use dinar emas. more stable.

  3. Kalau benefitnya cuma setakat tu, rasanya baik larikan peruntukan tu kepada menyelesaikan kemelut BERSAMAMU.

  4. Pasal harapan terlebih2 tak kena tempat ni teringat pulok ceramoh si Sabu... "depa ingat kalo pas menang, penoreh getah boleh jadi cikgu?"

    Tapi 6/8 anak penoreh getah dah@pernah jadi cikgu.


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