Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jo'Ong in Kelate



I was away in Pangkor last week.

Back from Pangkor, I headed to my hometown, Guchil. It has been raining cats and dogs last night for several hours. It's still now but not as heavy as last night's.

Some bad drainage had pooled the downpours on the main road in front of Guchil's Caltex & Petronas filling stations. Hope the authorities will deal with it quick.

It's tengkujuh season in East Coast of Malaysia. Or we call it 'bah' in Kelantan. Not as what 'bah' means for people in Sabah. Speaking of Sabah....It has been over a week I left my wife and kids in Kota Kinabalu. Miss them a lot...waaa.

However, mother comes first. She's my heaven.

Thanks wife and kids for understanding.



  1. You are a nice son...berjuruh... thanks Allah...

  2. betul...betul... tak gitu ayohnik?

  3. Bakpo demo dok helo kawe...tu doh dekat dengan rumah aku. 30 min jaa...

  4. bex,

    it wasn't a leisure trip. 24 hour curfew bah...


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