Sunday, February 1, 2009

In Memory of Bapak Chaerul

Today I find an old postcard ...

It was posted to me in 1998, from my Indonesian friend, Bapak Chaerul Widjaja. A post doctorate student at the University of Bath. It came 2 years after my graduation.

Just recently, I heard of Bapak’s demise quite some time ago. May Allah’s blessing be upon his soul. He was a good man, a good friend and and a dandy father of 2, Nisa and Budi. (Dandy was Budi’s own description of his father). Al Fatihah.

In colourful Elan Valley, Wales. 1992.

Jungle & cave trekking. Just a few hundred metres from university's Eastwood Residence.

Bapak, Apip and snow man near Conigre Residence in 1994 white Aidil Fitri. Conigre? What a nice memorable name indeed. I will always remember that.

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